You’re probably just like me…

Whether you grew up in church, barely been to church, or never been to church a day in your life, “life” happened and you got frustrated when you couldn’t figure out how to get the God you heard and read about to really help you in your everyday life.   

If I ever learn something that can help others, I’m going to share it.  And the same can be said of learning what the Word of God says.   After experiences life challenges, financial struggles, and disappointment when God’s power didn’t work like I thought it was supposed to, for more than 10 years, the Lord led me on a study in the Word of God so that I could know, understand, and believe His Word for myself so that I would see His amazing power at work for myself.   And now it’s time to share that with you.

Study is not a “new take” on the Bible, nor is it a short “Christian novel” or a “1-2-3 steps to a better life” series.   It is a study, which means you’re going to have to put in some work.  There’s no shortcut to having faith in the Word of God.  Faith in His Word only comes by hearing, and hearing, and hearing His Word.  The Study materials were put together to help myself and others study the Word of God in context; helping us to understand and be able to apply what the Word of God already says about spiritual law, spiritual authority, and man’s dominion.  Why?  So we can stop having the losses and start having God’s real, actual power at work in our everyday lives.

I get it…you’re busy.  And who has time to study?  Well, if you are like I was, tired of not seeing God’s power at power when you need it most, you make time.  I didn’t start studying when everything started going great in my life.  I started studying in the midst of personal & financial struggles, as I juggled 50 different hats as a wife and a mom, and running every job position in our “start from the ground up you must be crazy”  business ventures…    Time to study in seasons like these can definitely be hard to come by, but to be able to see God’s power consistently in at work in your life and in the lives of your children, your friends, and your family will make taking this time well worth it.

Did I mention that it’s completely FREE?

You can do this.  You don’t have to keep chalking up losses in your life.  Take the time to study the Word of God for yourself.   This will change your life.  


Chanda Martin

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