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General Questions

The Study course is ideal for anyone who is:
– 16 +, young adults, adults
– newly saved
– been saved a long time
– never received salvation
– never been to church
– loves going to church
– fell out of love with going to church
– has no Bible training / never read the Bible
– has some Bible Training / read the Bible a little
– has a lot of Bible training / been to Bible school or taken classes at church
– “big time sinners”
– “super saints”
– needs healing – just got sick or been sick a long time
– got issues and you want to see God’s actual power at work in your life
– anybody else who wants to study

Yes. The Study Course is completely FREE.  

The Bible tells us this in Matthew 10:1, 5,7-8:

And when He had called His twelve disciples to Him, He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease.  These twelve Jesus sent out and commanded them, saying: “…And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’  Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.””

And as Jesus‘ disciples, we  are not to take loose interpretations of His commands.  I cannot  teach you to obey what Jesus commanded if I am disobeying His Word and charging for the Gospel.  That would certainly demonstrate that I don’t know what it means to believe or obey His Word.  So as we go preaching the Gospel, healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the lepers and casting out demons, we will do so as Jesus commanded: freely we have received, so freely we give.

The Study Course & podcast is a great way to share the Word of God with friends and family!
  • Each person registers individually.  The only thing required to register is creating a username and password.
  • All of the course lessons, quizzes and podcast episodes can be accessed via phone, tablet, or desktop computer
  • You can work at your own pace and review the material when you come together in person, over the phone, or online!
  • and it’s all 100% FREE!  No books to buy, no enrollment fees or processing fees!
Click HERE for more details on how you can share the Study materials with others.

Feel free to feature or share link(s) to the Study With C. Martin website on your church’s website or social media pages. Each person can register for free to access & download the materials:

Note: all of the materials are free.  None of the material may ever be offered for sale, and may not be reprinted for distribution without express written consent from Chanda Martin. 

At this time, the Study course is not accredited, nor is it affiliated with any particular church, group, denomination, or institution.  While you should not run after every “teaching” or “school” that has a cross on the logo or  a mission statement that simply says they are a “Christian” organization, whatever you choose to study, you should definitely make sure it lines up with what the Word of God actually says – in context.   Far too often, we can get caught up and carried away with titles, degrees, affiliations, and denominations instead of studying His Word for ourselves so that we can know and understand what He really said.  And when you study the Bible, you see that the 12 Apostles didn’t attend “accredited” Bible schools; they were “unlearned” men who chose to hear and hear what the Lord said. 

Your grandmother may never have gone to culinary school… she may not have even graduated from high school, but even the best celebrity chef has a hard time trying to make a carrot cake or peach cobbler as good as hers!  Why?  She she took no short cuts, but spent time in the kitchen to make sure every recipe was just right before calling anybody to the table.  Likewise, the Study materials were produced after spending more than 10 years “in the kitchen with the Lord” studying the Word of God. Why?  Just so I could say I have some “Bible knowledge” or so I could sound “smart”?  No.  I wanted and needed to see God’s real life power at work in my life and in the lives of those around me, and no short cut quick sermon or 5 part message was going to get me there.  I had to study.   And now I’m taking what I’ve learned and sharing it with you.

As you will see, all of the Study material is founded in the Word of God in context and gives scriptural documentation for each lesson covered.  So if you’re really ready to get all of what God has for you thru this Study course, I’ll tell you like your grandma would say:  “Pull up a chair and have a seat, the food is ready, it’s time to eat!”

 In Mark 5:1-20, after delivering a man who had been possessed by demons, those in the surrounding areas demanded that Jesus leave; they wanted nothing to do with Him.  But the man wanted to follow Him, just as many others did after having a genuine encounter with the Lord Jesus.  However, Jesus did not permit the man to go with Him.  Instead, He told the man to remain in the area and tell others how the Lord had mercy on him.  As a result, when Jesus returned to the area, multitudes peoplemany of whom previously wanted nothing to do with Jesus – were now drawn to hear Jesus because they had seen and heard how Jesus had personally changed this man’s life for the better!

Far too often, we want to tell others how they need to read the Bible or go to church, but no one can really see the power of God at work in our own lives –  at least not consistently.  While we definitely should pray for God to draw our family and friends to hear His Word for themselves, as we saw with this man, the absolute BEST way to draw those around us to hear the Gospel, receive healing & salvation is for them to see His power actively at work in your life.   What drew the multitudes to Jesus?  His power to help them.  Being able to quote scriptures and  Christian clichés or just being a longtime church member does little to draw others to Jesus because none of those things provide any real power to do anything to help anybody.  And the only way for YOU to have His power consistently at work in your life is to keep hearing His Word for yourself until you believe it.   So just keep studying, keep hearing, and choose to really believe His Word for yourself.   Before long, you won’t have to keep inviting friends and family to church; they’ll be chasing you down to hear about this Jesus who radically changed your life!  

Account / Course Questions

You can change your password in your profile.  Log into your account and select the “Profile” link at the top right corner of the site or the “My Profile” link located in the bottom left corner of the site.   Select the “General” tab to change your password. 

If you forgot your password and need to reset it, click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login pop-up.

The book chapters are are located in the Study course lessons, so be sure to register for the Study course to access and download the book chapters.  Remember, the Study course is completely FREE.  The only information that is required to register is your email address and that you create a username and password.   

To gest started, go to “The Course” page, choose a course part, then select “Start Now“.   If you are not already registered or logged in, you will be prompted to do so.  Note: course parts must be completed in order, so you will need to begin with Part 1.

After you login / register, click the “Start Now” button.  You will then be redirected to the first lesson for that course part:

Once on the lesson page, scroll to the bottom right corner of the PDF and click the 3 dots menu and select “Download“:

To register for a course, just click the “Start Now” button on the course page. The courses are free. You must login / register to enroll in a course part.

To access the lessons after you initially enroll in a course part, simply log in and do one of the following:

  • go to the Course page and select the course part you want to continue.  Once on the desired course part page, click the “Continue” button on the next page


  • click the “Profile”  link at the top right corner of the website page,

    or the “My  Profile” link located at the bottom left corner of the website. 

    In the “My Courses” tab, the “All” tab will show you all course parts you are enrolled in, in progress, or completed. 
    Select “In progress Courses” and click the desired course part. 

     Once on the desired course part page, click the “Continue” button. 

Yes.  You can easily review / re-take the course parts as many times as you like.   In short, just log in and either go directly the desired Course page or by clicking on the completed course part from your profile. Click the “Continue” button to begin again.  (For step-by- step instructions, view the answer to the question, “How do I access the lessons after I register?”) 

The passing sore for each assessment is 85%.  You have 10 attempts to earn a passing score for each assessment. 

The score needed to pass each course part is 85%.  If the overall average for the assessments in that course part is less than 85%, that means that you did not pass and you will need to re-start that course part.

Far beyond just getting a “good score” on a quiz, the main goal is for you to study and gain a good understanding in the Word of God so that you can see God’s actual power at work in your life- and in the lives of those around you.  With that said, the material is not meant to be “rocket science”.  All of the answers are in the lessons.  You can re-take the course parts as many times as necessary.  Once you successfully complete each course part, a Certificate will be available for that course part in your profile.

When you complete each course part, a certificate will be available for you to download, print, or email / share .  You can view your certificates by clicking on the “Certificates” tab in your account Profile or on the “Certificates” button that appears on the course page after you have successfully completed each course part.

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